Explore virgin reefs and wrecks with Scuba Safaris located on site at Oualie Beach Resort

Ocean Kayaking - US $ 30.00 per person

Imagine being on your ocean kayak paddling off the coast of an exotic island and enjoying the beautiful scenery of  golden sandy beaches, the rain forest covered mountain soaring up to 3200 feet  and pelicans dive bombing the fish all around you.  Fantastic photo op but make sure your camara is waterproof. I fried my Sony last time  I went paddling.

Snorkeling- US $ 65.00 per person

You will find our colourful reefs, tropical fish and other sea creatures quite intriguing (2 1/2 - 3 hours). The islands only resident Marune Biologist is based at Oualie Beach Resort offering guided eductaional snorkelling tours.

Rainforest Hike- US $ 30.00 per person

Nature lovers, trek through our lush, tropical rainforest to experience a unique adventure. Observe our green vervet monkeys literally chattering or swinging in the trees. Enjoy the serenity of the forest as you listen to chirping birds. Sample wild fruits and take some pictures.  Learn about our "bush medicine", knowledge inherited from the ancients on which leaves can cure what ailment.This natural essence and beauty will amaze you. (2 1/2 hours)

Horseback Riding- US $ 75.00 per person

Guided tours along the beach and through mountain trails. The most popular is the beach trail, which starts at the famous Fort Ashby and goes along the beautiful lagoon called Nelson's Spring. You will be amazed at the different species of birds. The trail continues through a local path that leads through villages and into the lush hills. (1 1/2 hours).